Welcome to the Future of Mental Health!
  • Counseling provided by a Licensed mental health professional 
  • Boxing provided by former professional trainers & boxers
  • Each group tailored to specific needs
  • Treatment ONLY in the State of Texas due to Licensure
  • Participants MUST be referred by a Texas State Board Licensed Counselor 
Founders Key Performance 
Paulie Ayala:
Two-Time World Champion
WBA Bantamweight Champion
IBO Jr. Featherweight 
1999 Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year
Ring Featherweight Champion 

"They (Parkinsons patients) are expected to lose this fight. I take it personally because they came to ask me for my help."

                 -Paulie Ayala - Professional Boxer

Licensed by State Board of Texas for Counseling Supervisor
Founder & Owner of New Horizon Counseling Centers
EMDR Trained
Over 10,000 hours working with children & teens
Vast experience working with children behavioral & emotional issues

Training & teaching a new method of coping and dealing with frustration, anger, & poor desicion making.

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Helping those in emotional pain to regain confidence through traditional counseling coupled with building mental endurance through boxing

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Training & counseling clients on the austistic spectrum to have more agility, self-defense skills, self confidence & mental awarness.

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Behavior Modification
Emotional Healing
Fighting Autism 
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Jaime Corona, LPC:
7616 Camp Bowie West Blvd. Fort Worth, Texas 76116
Therapy Boxing for Youth
Are you looking for a mental health or behavioral treatment that is right for your teen or child? 

If so, you are not alone. Finding the right treatment for your teen is a difficult task. Whether you are looking for treatment for mental illness or  behavioral disorder, we can help. Our unique combination of counseling & boxing will address your teen’s physical, psychological and emotional needs.

Through the combined effort of Paulie Ayala, Former Professional Boxer, owner & trainer of University of Hard Knocks, & Jaime Corona, LPC, owner and founder of New Horizon Counseling Center, have developed a unique method of helping children & teens with behavioral, emotional, & autistic problems by utilizing a combination of therapy & boxing
Paulie Ayala's University of Hard Knocks
Jaime Corona LPC founder of New Horizon Counseling Center
Call to schedule today! (817) 624-1222
"We provide the youth an outlet through boxing, rigorous
fitness conditioning, and a counseling program that helps them
develop mental awareness and teaches them how to choose a better and healthier thought process."

Therapy Boxing
Serving the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex in TEXAS!